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Further declared and agreed that this Policy is extended to indemnity the Insured in respect of the employment on private duties of any employee of the Insured by Director or Executive.

  1. Such Director and/or Executive is not entitled to indemnity under any other Policy or policies.
  2. The extension by this endorsement shall not apply to or include liability in respect of    injury   to any   person   under   a   contract   of service   or apprenticeship with the Director and Executive where the injury arise out of and in the course of such person’s employment or service with the Director and/or Executive.
  3. Such Director and/or Executive shall as though he were the Insured observe fulfil and be subject to the terms, exceptions, limits of indemnity beyond the amount or amount for which the Company would be liable if this Policy were not so extended

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1 comment

  1. Saya masih belum jelas mengenai wording perluasan tanggung gugat “PRIVATE WORKS FOR DIRECTORS AND EXECUTIVES CLAUSE”. Apa perbedaan dari “Private Works” dan “Contract of Service” ? Bukankan setiap karyawan yang bekerja juga dalam kontrak kerja?

    Ini adalah perluasan jaminan untuk Polis LIABILITY
    Kalo “Karyawan biasa” – hanya dijamin sehubungan dengan pekerjaan bisnis / kantor saja (diluar pekerjaan kantor tidak dijamin)
    Untuk “Directors and Excutives” – (dengan tambahan klausul ini), tidak terbatas hanya pada pekerjaan bisnis/kantor tetapi juga terhadap “private works”

    Apa perbedaan dari “Private Works” dan “Contract of Service” ?
    (Harus baca klausulnya), namun sepertinya isinya “similar”

    Terima kasih atas bantuannya Pak Imam