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Notwithstanding the Indemnity provided for under this Policy and subject to the Policy Limits of Liability, the Company will pay medical expenses as described below for third party personal injury caused by an accident

i) on premises owned or rented by the Insured

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ii) on ways next to premises owned or rented by the Insured

iii)  arising out of or in connection with the Insured’s business          

a) the accident takes place within the Geographical Limit and during the policy period

b) the expenses are incurred and reported to the Company within one year from the date of the accident.

The Company will make following payment regardless of fault subject to a maximum of USD 2,000.- per person and USD 20,000 in the annual aggregate :

i) first aid at the time  of an accident

ii) necessary medical, surgical, X-ray and dental services, including prosthetic devices; and  necessary ambulance, hospital, professional nursing and funeral services.

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