Trade Credit Insurance

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Trade Credit Insurance
The Key to Successful Credit Risk Mitigation and Enhancing your Client’s Credit Management to safely grow their Business
18-19 July 2018 @Ayana MidPlaza Hotel, Jakarta

Hadir kembali Tgl : 24-25 September 2018 @Ayana MidPlaza Hotel, Jakarta

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Ir. R. Ricky S. Natapradja, APAI, CIIB, ANZIIF (Snr Assoc.), CIP.
[B. Eng. (Civil), Dip. Bus. (Mgt) – Hons, M. Eng. (Mgt) – Sydney Aust.] Assoc. I.E. Aust., Assoc. I.M.E. Aust]


1.What is Trade Credit Insurance?
2.What is covered under the Policy
5.Structuring the right cover for your client (How to calculate Credit Limits, DCL and Non-Qualifying Loss)
6.Commercial Underwriting Process (ToP, Insurable Turnover, Secured vs Unsecured)
7.Risk Underwriting Process
8.Credit Risk Analysis (DSO’s, AR’s and Probability of Default)
9.Premium Calculation
10.Claims Assessment, Collections and Recoveries

Who Should Attend
1. Underwriters, Brokers, Agents, Claim Examiners, Adjusters, Surveyors, Insurance Consultants, Marketing, Business Development
2. Bank, Lembaga Penjaminan, Lembaga Keuangan Lainnya
3. Siapa saja yang mau mendalami Trade Credit Insurance dan Financial Lines.

Syllabus dan Formulir Pendaftaran terlampir

Call +628128079130 or emial :

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