Preparing Non-life Treaty Renewal: Designing treaty program that suits your strategy and portfolio

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Preparing Non-life Treaty Renewal: Designing treaty program that suits your strategy and portfolio

26-27 September 2018 @Ayana MidPlaza Hotel, Jakarta
Facilitator : Delil Khairat, S.Si, MBA, ACII, AAAIK, FIIS

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Level Intermediate (dalam bahasa Indonesia)

Syllabus dan Formulir Pendaftaran : klik di sini

Scope : Practical knowledge


• To understand how various types and methods of reinsurance work individually and combined to achieve certain strategic objectives.
• To gain knowledge on analysis of non-life insurance portfolio
• To be able to prepare data and information required for non-life treaty renewal
• Designing treaty program based on analysis of insurance portfolio

Target audiences

• President Director, Technical Director, Operation Director, Finance Director, Reinsurance manager, underwriting manager, underwriter or anyone in the management or organization who participate in reinsurance decision making, either making or influencing decisions
• Underwriter, claim handler, risk engineer, lost adjuster, reinsurance broker and non-technical staffs of insurer or reinsurer or broker who want to gain knowledge on treaty reinsurance design
• Professionals working with insurers or reinsurers or brokers or regulator


• Attended course “Fundamental of Reinsurance: how it works and mix & match”; or
• Attended course “Nuts and bold of Reinsurance”; or
• 3 years active working experience in non-life underwriting, broking or reinsurance; or

Part 1 :  Introduction to reinsurance
• What is reinsurance: definition
• Why reinsurance: Spreading of risks/capacity, Capital, Expertise
• Reinsurance market
Part 2 : Review of types & methods of reinsurance
• Overview  
o Types: Proportional, Non-proportional
o Method/form: facultative vs treaty
• Facultative: Proportional facultative, Non-proportional facultative: how it works, When facultative is used, Placement process
• Quota Share & Surplus treaty:
How QS works, When QS is used, Advantages vs disadvantages
• Facultative obligatory
• Excess of loss treaty: How it works in general, how it differs from proportional, Per risk excess of loss, Per event excess of loss, Cat excess of loss treaty, Stop loss

Part 3 : Important features of treaty reinsurance:
• Commissions: ceding commission, profit commission, overriding
• Run-off vs Clean-cut
• Risk attaching vs loss occurring during vs claim made/discovered
• Reinstatement premium vs AAL
• Treaty limit vs event limit vs cession limit
Part 4 : Risk portfolio analysis
• Descriptive statistics and volatility
• Risk portfolio composition: Personal lines vs Commercial lines, Number of risks, Volatility, Complexity and Value of risks
• Type of losses to insurance portfolio
• Long term vs Long tail
Part 5 : Designing treaty program
• Insurance portfolio vs reinsurance portfolio
• Balanced portfolio: criterions
• How reinsurers manage their portfolio
• Determining retention
• Reinsurance strategy & objectives
• Treaty renewal information
Part 6 : Mix & match: combining multiple types and methods of reinsurance on risk portfolio
• Proportional solution
• Non-proportional solution
• Combined solution
• From surplus to gross XL
• Portfolio apportionment over treaty structure
Part 7 : Non-traditional solutions
• Earning volatility vs capital management
• Main motivations for non-traditional solutions
• Categories of non-traditional solutions
• Discussion on prominent forms of non-traditional solutions: Multi-year multi-line, capital relieve QS, LPT/ADC

Facilitator: Delil Khairat, S.Si, MBA, ACII, AAAIK, FIIS
Delil is currently a market underwriter and client manager at Swiss Re Retakaful, base in Kuala Lumpur. He has over 20 years career with various leading (re)insurers such as Indonesia Re, Tugu Pratama Indonesia, Hannover Re, ACR and Swiss Re and been working in Jakarta, Bahrain and Kuala Lumpur. His professional experience is ranging from facultative underwriting, claim, treaty underwriting, retakaful to client management and encompassing various markets such as South East Asia, India Sub-continent, Middle East and North Africa.
He has a degree in Statistics from Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB) Indonesia and MBA Islamic Finance from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). He completed post-graduate diploma course at CII College and London Metropolitan University and awarded professional qualification of Advance Diploma of Chartered Insurance Institute (ACII). He is currently pursuing PhD in Islamic Finance from Institute of Islamic Banking and Finance (IIBF) of IIUM, Malaysia.
Delil has published his articles in various media e.g. Asia Insurance Reviews, Middle East Insurance Reviews, Islamic Finance News, Bisnis Indonesia, Republika, Media Asuransi. He is blogging at and

Peserta akan mendapatkan :
1. Investasi termasuk makan siang, coffee-breaks, materi presentasi, dan sertifikat. Tidak termasuk akomodasi menginap di hotel
2. Konsultasi gratis underwriting dan klaim melalui telpon, WhatsApp atau email
3. Tergabung dalam group WhatsApp dengan rekan-rekan professional lainnya to stay-up-to-date

Training Schedule
Tanggal 26-27 September 2018, Durasi 2 hari
Pukul 8.30 – 17.00
Venue : Ayana MidPlaza Hotel, Jl Jend Sudirman Kav.10-11 Jakarta
Investasi Rp4,500,000 per peserta atau Rp4,000,000 per peserta (untuk 3 peserta atau lebih dari perusahaan yang sama)

Pembayaran :
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Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, silakan hubungi :

88@Kasablanka Office Tower, 10/F Unit E Jalan Casablanca Kav.88 Jakarta 12870.
Tel : +628128079130 (WA)
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