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The Insured’s business shall be understood to include the provision of sport, social and welfare activities for the benefits of the Insured’s employees.

For the purpose of this endorsement the Company will treat as though he were the Insured any employee engaged in the above mentioned activities provided that :

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  1. Such employee is not entitled to indemnity under any other policy;
  2. Such employee shall observe the terms of this policy insofar as they can apply;
  3. If in respect of any claim or number of claims arising out of one cause the company is liable to indemnity more than one party the total amount  of indemnity to all parties shall not exceed the limit of liability;
  4. “Work” shall mean maintenance, repairs, minor alterations including installation of small items of plant. machinery or equipment and miscellaneous tasks carried out in the normal course of the Insured’s business.

The Company will in addition pay all costs and expenses incurred with the written

consent of the Company.

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