MR 1208 – Special insurance cover: costs for leak search

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This endorsement forms part of section 1 a

and is subject otherwise to the terms, provisions, conditions and exclusions contained in the policy of insurance or endorsed thereon.

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  1. Indemnification

1.1. The insurer shall in the event of indemnifiable loss of or damage to property insured indemnify the insured in respect of reasonable leak search costs.

1.2. The indemnity provided by this endorsement shall not exceed during the period of insurance or for the agreed testing sections the limits of indemnity specified below.

1.3. The costs for leak search shall include the costs incurred for:

1.3.1. hydrostatic testing, including the cost of leasing special apparatus and the cost of the operation and transport of such apparatus,

1.3.2. earthwork in trenches necessary in the search for and repair of leaks, e.g. excavation, uncovering of the pipeline, backfilling.

  1. Special conditions

2.1. It is a provision of this extension of cover that the percentage of the welding seams specified below have been X-rayed and any deficiencies thereby discovered have been repaired properly.

2.2. Any costs resulting from faulty repair of welding seams shall be excluded from the cover.

Aggregate limit of indemnity:

Limit of indemnity per section being tested:

Percentage of X-rayed welding seams:

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