EPI 58 Microorganisms

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It is agreed that the following is added to General Exclusions:
Insurers will not indemnify the Insured in respect of:
(a) loss or damage, arising out of, resulting from, caused by, contributed to, or in any way related to the existence, inhalation or exposure to any fungus/fungi and or spore(s);
(b) any cost or expenses associated in any way, or arising out of the abatement, mitigation, remediation, containment, detoxification, neutralisation, monitoring, removal, disposal, or any obligation to investigate or assess the presence or effects of any fungus/fungi or spore(s);
(c) any obligation to share with or repay any person, organisation or entity, related in any way to items (a) and (b) above, regardless of any other cause, event, material, product and/or building component that contributed concurrently or in any sequence to the injury or damage.
For purposes of this Exclusion fungus/fungi includes, but is not limited to, any form or type of mould, mildew, mushroom, yeast, or biocontaminant and spore(s) includes, but is not limited to, any substance produced by, emanating from, or arising out of any fungus/fungi.

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