MR 1205 – Special insurance cover: nuclear fuel elements

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This endorsement forms part of section 1 a

and is subject otherwise to the terms, provisions, conditions and exclusions contained in the policy of insurance or endorsed thereon.

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  1. Indemnification

1.1. The insurer shall indemnify the insured in respect of loss of or damage to nuclear fuel elements.

1.2. The indemnity for anyone damaged fuel element shall not exceed the proportionate sum insured for that element.

  1. Deductible

2.1. In respect of each and every occurrence of loss or damage, the insurer shall not be liable for the deductible specified below.

  1. Period of insurance

3.1. This extension of cover shall only be valid for the period of insurance of section 1 a, but shall expire for each fuel element after it has been placed in its position in the reactor pressure vessel.

  1. Special conditions

4.1. In the event of loss or damage, the indemnifiable costs shall include the costs incurred:

4.1.1. to extract the fuel material from the damaged fuel elements, including its inspection and storage,

4.1.2. to repair or replace the fuel cladding and the support structure,

4.1.3. to reprocess damaged fuel material,

4.1.4. to replace lost or damaged fuel material,

4.1.5. to assemble the fuel material, fuel cladding and the support structure for the fuel elements,

4.1.6. for transportation, including insurance charges and for obtaining the necessary import and transport permits.

  1. efinitions

5.1. Fuel elements shall mean:

5.1.1. fuel material (fissionable, fertile, compounding and alloying material),

5.1.2. fuel cladding,

5.1.3. support structure.


Extra premium:      %0 p.a. (to be applied to the actual value of the fuel elements insured.)

Actual value of the fuel element:

Date                       :

Fuel weight (t)         :

Actual value             :

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