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Notwithstanding anything contained in Property Exclusion 15 to the contrary, this Policy extends to indemnify the Insured against physical loss, destruction of or damage to any part or parts of the electrical, electro-mechanical and electronic machines, switchboards, installations or apparatus forming part of the Property Insured (excluding rectifiers, radio, television or amplifying equipment of any description) caused by the actual burning out of such part or parts by the electric current therein.

Provided always that the Insurer shall not be liable under this extension for:

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(a) loss of use, depreciation, wear and tear; or

(b) loss, destruction of or damage to:

(i) lighting or heating elements, fuses or protective devices, or
(ii) electrical contacts at which sparking or arcing occurs in ordinary working.

Provided also that cover provided under this clause shall not exceed any sub-limit if expressed in the Schedule.

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