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It is agreed and understood that otherwise subject to the terms, exclusion, provisions and conditions contained in the policy or endorsed thereon, this insurance shall not indemnify the insured in respect of :

  1. additional dewatering expenses incurred due to the quantities of water exceeding those originally expected.
  2. expenses incurred for additional installations and facilities for the discharge of run-off and/or underground water.
  3. loss or damage due to failure or the dewatering system if such failure could have been avoided by sufficient standby facilities.
  4. expenses incurred for grouting or any other measures to repair or prevent leakage of water into excavation and basements.

For the purpose of this endorsement, standby facilities shall mean stand by pumps and back up power supply kept of the site at all times.

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Furthermore, such facility shall :

  1. be maintained in proper working condition
  2. be run regular intervals to ensure proper working condition
  3. automatically take over in the event of failure or interruption of the original system.
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