Underground Property / Downhole Exclusion Clause

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This Policy does not cover liability in respect of Personal Injury or Property Damage arising from or contributed to by:

  1. Destruction of Underground Property.
  1. The increased cost of reducing, converting or extracting any Underground Property to physical possession above the surface of the earth, or to the expense incurred or rendered necessary to prevent or minimise Property Damage resulting from acts or omissions causing damage to Underground Property

The term “Underground Property” as used in this endorsement means oil, gas, water or other mineral substance including any title, interest or estate therein, which at the time of the act or omission causing Property Damage to such substance or loss or impairment or reduction of value of such title, interest or estate, has not been reduced, converted nor extracted to physical possession above the earth’s surface: such term also means any well or bore hole, through which exploration for or production of any substance is carried on, or any casing pipe, bit tool, pump or other drilling or well servicing machinery or equipment which is located in any such well or bore hole beneath the earth’s surface at the time of the occurrence causing Property Damage.

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