Stock Throughput Insurance

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What is Stock Throughput Insurance ?

Stock Throughput Insurance covers your company’s goods (assets) against physical loss or damage while in your control anywhere in the global supply chain, in transit and in storage as company owned inventory. It covers goods in a manufacturing process (but does not cover for damage to your goods ’caused’ directly by the manufacturing process).

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Stock Throughput Insurance combines the traditional marine cargo, inland transit and inventory insurance policies purchased individually in the marine and property markets.


  1. Seamless asset protection throughout your company’s supply chain, from purchase of raw materials to finished products inventoried for sale.
  2. One set of underwriters insuring cargo and stock means no potential ‘gap’ in insurance and more seamless claims settlement.
  3. Simple, easier administration of risk management – one policy versus several policies.
  4. Less capacity is required from property insurers – means fewer insurers are needed on the policy.
  5. Better pricing is possible – one policy versus several policies.

Stock Throughput Insurance is ideal for manufacturers who source raw materials or semi finished goods for additional value added manufacturing, then store and distribute the finished goods through multiple warehouses worldwide.

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Stock Throughput Insurance

Simplifying insurance coverage from raw material to delivery

The manufacture and sale of any product is a complicated business and getting the right insurance can be equally complex. You need coverage for your whole production process from the raw materials right through to delivery of the final product. And there’s a huge potential for things to go wrong at any stage of the process. The traditional way of protecting against those losses and mitigating the risks is to buy different types of insurance for all the different stages of production and distribution.

However, this approach can be expensive. Plus it can be difficult to manage with separate deductibles for each policy, various premiums as well as a variety of insurers. And when coverage is split into disparate areas, there’s the opportunity for things to be missed and gaps in protection to creep in.

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  1. Yth. Pak Imam,

    apa ada wording dan/atau klausula khusus untuk cover stock throughput melalui cargo insurance ?

    salam, tks.

    There is no standard policy wording : ada yang menggabungkan Marine Cargo Policy + Property Policy; ada yang hanya dengan memodifikasi “Transit Clause” dalam Marine Cargo Policy