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It is hereby agreed that notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Policy it is noted and agreed that this Policy runs in conjunction with the Industrial/Property “All Risks” Insurance Policy No. 19- ……… – ……  

It is further noted and agreed that the additional clauses and/or endorsements attaching to and forming part of abovementioned policy which may be applicable in connection with the loss destruction or damage covered by this Policy should be deemed as also attached to this Policy, subject to those clauses and/or endorsements are not in contradiction with standard clauses and/or endorsements for Indonesia Standard Earthquake Policy.

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Provided always that:   

  1. Any amount (s) payable under such clauses and/or endorsements being the liability of this Policy.
  2. The maximum liability of this Policy and/or the abovementioned Policy in respect of such clauses and/or endorsements not exceeding the amounts (s) stipulated in such clauses and/or endorsements contained in abovementioned Policy.

All other Policy terms, conditions and exclusions remain unchanged.

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  1. dear mas imam,

    dalam konteks ‘running conjunction’ ada 2 opini yang kami temui dalam market. pertama : memberikan info bahwa ada satu polis dengan jaminan A berjalan bersamaan dengan polis jaminan B. misal : PAR dengan EQVET. Opini kedua : polis yang satu memberikan info berjalan bersamaan dengan polis yang lainnya namun dalam jaminan yang sama. misal : satu polis PAR dengan polis PAR lainnya untuk risiko yang sama atau akumulatif ATAU risiko yang berakumulasi namun beda obyek pertanggungan dan beda banker clause.
    tolong mas imam berikan opininya ya. thx. wahyu