Project Managers Endorsement

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It is hereby understood and agreed that this Policy shall extend to include Your activities as project/construction managers. PROVIDED ALWAYS THAT:

  • this shall be limited to Your performance of design, consultancy, advice, construction co-ordination and also those activities and duties normally undertaken by a qualified architect, consulting engineer or other specialist engineering or surveying consultants;
  • We will not pay for any Claim directly or indirectly arising out of, in consequence of, or contributed to by:
  • any failure to effect or maintain insurance or advice on insurance; or
  • any advice on financial or tax matters; or
  • any negligence in relation to the provision of finance; or
  • any estimate of probable construction costs or cost estimate being exceeded except where such estimates are compiled by a qualified quantity surveyor; or
  • any loss or damage which would normally be the responsibility of the building contractor; or
  • the insolvency of any party involved in any project; or
  • the ownership, use, occupation or leasing of property mobile and / or immobile by, to or on behalf of You; or
  • any obligation assumed by You in contract by way of warranty, guarantee or indemnity to the extent that such liability exceeds the professional liability You would have incurred in the absence of such warranty, guarantee or indemnity: or
  • any claim which is intended to be covered by a contractors all risks / engineering or public liability policy.

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