MR 844 – Overhaul of Steam, Water and Gas Turbines and Turbo-Generator Sets

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  1. sets are to be overhauled in ac­cordance with the manufacturers’ recommendations

 These periods shall commence as from the first start of operation or last overhaul of the turbo-generator set or part thereof, irrespective of the date of commencement of this insurance cover

 The Insured shall advise the Insurers of any significant change In the run­ning behaviour of the turbo-generator set and both parties shall Jointly de­cide on any action to be taken.

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 The Insured may apply for an extension of the period between overhauls. Such extension shall be granted If in the opinion of the Insurers the risk IS not aggravated thereby

 If indernnifiable damage to a machine occurs after the relevant period specified in a to d has been exceeded, the Insurers shall indemnify only for the extra costs of repair excluding the costs of dismantling, reassembly and similar costs because an overhaul has to be carried out at this stage in any case. The costs of dismantling, reassembly and similar regu­lar overhaul-related work are to be considered costs of overhauling.

If the Insured fails to comply with the requirements of this Endorsement, the Insurers shall be free of all liability for loss of gross profit following loss or damage caused by any circumstance that could have been de­tected had an overhaul taken place.

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