MR 606 – Cover for External Data Media of EDP Systems

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It is agreed and understood that otherwise subject to terms, exclusions, provisions and conditions contained in the Policy or endorsed thereon, and subject to the Insured having paid the agreed extra premium, this in­surance shall be extended to cover loss of or damage to the external data media inclusive of the information stored thereon, which can directly be processed in EDP systems, if such loss or damage is indemnifiable under Subsection 1.1 of the Policy. This cover applies while the insured data media are kept on the premises stated in this Policy.


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 The Insurers shall, however, not be liable for

  1. any costs arising from false programming, labelling or inserting, inad­vertent cancelling of information or discarding of data media or from loss of information caused by magnetic fields:
  2. consequential loss of any kind or description whatsoever.


Memo 1 – Sum insured

It shall be a requirement of this Insurance that the sum insured is the amount required for restoring the insured external data media by replacing lost or damaged data media by new material and reproducing lost infor­mation.

 Memo 2 – Basis of indemnity

The Insurers shall indemnify any expenses that can be proved to have been incurred by the Insured within a period of 12 months as from the date of occurrence strictly for the purpose of restoring the insured external data media to a condition equivalent to that existing prior to the occur­rence and necessary for permitting data processing operations to be con­tinued in the normal manner.

 If it is not necessary to reproduce lost data or information, or if such repro­duction is not effected within 12 months after the occurrence, the Insurers shall only be liable to indemnify the expenses incurred for replacing the lost or damaged data media themselves by new material.

 As from the date of an indemnifiable occurrence the sum insured shall be reduced for the remaining period of insurance by the amount of indemnity paid, unless the sum insured is reinstated according to Condition 13 of the General Conditions.

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