MR 105 – Cover for Existing Structures and/or Surrounding Property

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It is agreed and understood that otherwise subject to the terms, exclusions, provisions and conditions contained in the Policy or endorsed thereon and subject to the Insured having paid the agreed extra premium, the cover under Section I shall be extended according to the following provisions to cover sudden and unforeseen physical loss of or damage to the structures stated below caused by or arising out of the construction or erection of the items insured under Section I, eg due to vibration, weakening or removal of support, lowering of ground water, underpinning, tunnelling or other operations involving supporting elements or the subsoil.

Loss of or damage to the structures stated below shall only be covered if prior to the commencement of the works their condition is found to be satisfactory and/or the necessary safety measures have been taken. The Insured shall produce together with the Insurers a report stating the condition of the structures before the beginning of the works.

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The following shall be excluded:

1        loss or damage attributable to errors or omissions in the designing of the works;

2        loss or damage consisting in cracks that impair neither the stability of the structure nor the safety of its users.

Should further safety measures become necessary during construction, the expenses incurred for such measures shall not be indemnifiable under the Policy.

Structures for which this Endorsement is applicable:

Limit of indemnity: any one occurrence

Total limit of indemnity:

Deductible              :     20 % of the loss amount.minimum ……………. any one occurrence

Extra premium  :………………..

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