Guest’s Property Clause

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It is agreed and understood that subject to the Insured having paid the agreed additional premium, this Policy shall be extended to cover the insured’s liability for claim made against the Insured for loss of or damage to the property belonging to guests or customers of the Insured whilst such property is under the custody or control of the Insured subject to a limit of Liability of __________ any one guest, with the exception of losses of guests’ property from safe deposit boxes contained at the premises where the maximum liability of any one guest is agreed to be _________ . For the purpose of this extension the guests property shall include clothing of such guests’ sent for laundry, dry cleaning or pressing at the premises, subject always to the following limits during the period of insurance:

Limit of Indemnity  ( a. o. a. )

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Aggregate Limit of Indemnity:

This Clause is subject otherwise to the terms, conditions and exceptions of this Policy.

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