Elevator and Escalator Clause

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It is agreed and understood that subject to the Insured having paid the agreed additional premium, this Policy shall be extended to cover the Insured’s liability for claims made against the Insured for accidental bodily injury of and/ or accidental property damage to any third party in the normal operational use of the elevators or escalators at the premises specified in the Policy subject to the limits of liability stipulated in this Policy.

It is warranted that the Insured shall see to it that regular inspection and maintenance of the elevators shall be carried out by qualified engineers.

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This Clause is subject otherwise to the terms, conditions and exceptions of this Policy.

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  1. Mohon informasinya….Pak.
    Asuransi apa yang mengcover untuk Lift, dan Escalator ? 
    Ratenya minimumnya , berapa bos ?

    1. Kalo yang dimaksud adalah Polis Tanggung Jawab Hukum terhadap pengoperasian Lift dan Escalator maka dijamin dalam Polis CGL atau Public Liability

      Jika untuk kerusakan fisik pada lift dan escalator maka dijamin dalam polis Asuransi Property All Risks (PAR) atau Polis Machinery Breakdown (MB)