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In the event of an interruption to the Business insured, arising out of a peril not excluded hereunder, which commences and/or recommences at a date later than that of the loss or damage to the property insured hereunder and which gives rise to such interruption, the Insurer agrees to extend the period during which indemnity is provided by this Policy.

Provided always that the Insurer shall not be liable for more than the indemnity limits stated in the Schedule nor the maximum number of days interrupted as stated in the Schedule.

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Under no circumstances shall the Insurer be liable for any loss under this Section III ;

  1. if such interruption to the business insured commences later than twelve ( 12 ) months after the date of the loss or damage to the property insured hereunder, and
  2. which shall occur after the conclusion of the period commencing on the date of Damage and ending not later than the date of conclusion of the maximum Indemnity Period plus excess period and twelve ( 12 ) months thereafter.
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