Debris Removal Clause

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In the event of a claim for physical loss or damage insured hereunder the Insurers shall also be liable for the cost of demolition and removal of debris formerly an insured part of the property and no longer useful for the purpose for which it was intended.  In respect of claims arising under this policy of insurance, the Insurers limit of liability under this extension of coverage shall be limited in any one accident or occurrence to 10% of claim amount. Nevertheless the coverage provided by this clause shall in no case increase the overall limit of the Insurers liability under this Policy.


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 The insurance by this Policy is extended to indemnify the Insured against the necessarily incurred costs of rewriting, redrawing or reproducing of plans and drawings or other contract documents and computer records lost, destroyed or damaged as a result of damage insured hereunder wherever or whenever such damage occurs but not for the value of the information contained therein.

The indemnity provided is subject to a limit of USD 250,000 any one loss.

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