Backdate Exclusion

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It is hereby understood and agreed, subject to the exceptions and conditions contained herein and of any endorsements hereon, notwithstanding what has been stated to the contrary, that:

The Insurer will not indemnify the Insured in respect of loss of or damage to the Property Insured or liability directly or indirectly arising from any cause whatsoever occurring or already in existence prior to (date of binding cover) or during any other period when this Policy was not in force.

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    1. Banyak diantara underwriters kalau menjamin polis dengan periode mundur (back-dated) hanya menulis STNC tanpa ada klausul yang di attach. Klausul yang bagus untuk memperjelas posisi Penanggung

      Terutama untuk bisnis CAR infrastruktur dimana biasanya proyek sudah berjalan cukup lama baru cari asuransinya