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This Policy is held to include :

  1. wages of the Insured’s employees other than full time members of a Works Fire Brigade;
  2. the cost of replacement or resetting of fire fighting appliances or apparatus and loss. destruction or damage to materials (including employees’ effects):
  • other costs (including loss, destruction or damage to property to gain access ) :
  1. v) If the cost of reinstatement of damaged property insured is less than fifty percent (50%) of that which would have been the cost of reinstatement if such property had been destroyed, the amount recoverable hereunder shall be limited to :
  2. a) the extra cost necessarily incurred in reinstating only that portion damaged; or
  3. b) whilst applying to such property insured, the Sub-Limit stated herein,

             Whichever is the greater, In the event of a Sub Limit not being stated in this Policy the Insurer (s) liability shall be limited to the amount as described in sub-paragraph (a) of this provision

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