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It is agreed and declared that exclusion 4.6 is deleted and replaced by the following:

4.6        Aircraft, Aircraft Products and Watercraft

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Claims arising out of

4.6.1     the ownership, maintenance, operation or use by the Insured of:  any aircraft or hovercraft; or

4.6.2     the ownership, operating or use by the Insured or on the Insured’s behalf of:  any watercraft exceeding 8 metres in length, or  hovercraft.

(“Hovercraft” means: any vessel, craft or thing made or intended to float on or in or travel on or through the atmosphere or water.)

4.6.3     the Insured’s Product that are aircraft component parts used for maintaining an aircraft in flight or moving upon the ground or used in the construction of any aircraft hull or machinery to the Insured’s are incorporated in an aircraft or aerial devices.


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