Klausul-Klausul Coronavirus atau Communicable Disease

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Sebagai respon terhadap merebaknya virus corona (Covid-19), Lloyd’s Market Association (LMA) mengeluarkan klausul-klausul coronavirus atau communicable disease untuk dipergunakan pada lini asuransi masing-masing sbb:

Recently issued wordings

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LMA5391  Coronavirus Exclusion

LMA5392  Limited Automatic Extension – Prevention of Access to Lloyd’s of London

LMA5393  Communicable Disease Endorsement

LMA5394  Communicable Disease Exclusion Property Treaty

LMA5395  Coronavirus Exclusion (for use on marine and energy liability policies)

LMA5396   Communicable Disease Exclusion – Liability

LMA5397   Communicable Disease Exclusion (For use on power generation, construction and engineering policies)

JR2020-016  JRC Communicable Disease Endorsement

JC2020-011   Communicable Disease Exclusion – Cargo

JC2020-012   Communicable Disease Exclusion and Sub-Limited Writeback – Cargo

LMA5398 UK Property – Infectious or Contagious Disease Exclusion

LMA5399 Communicable Disease Exclusion (Casualty Treaty Reinsurance)

LMA5500 Infectious or Contagious Disease Exclusion during a PHEIC (for use on consumer and commercial Accident/Accident & illness policies)

LMA5501 Political Risk Communicable Disease Exclusion

LMA5502 Limited Communicable Disease Exclusion No.1 – (Property Treaty Reinsurance)

LMA5503 Limited Communicable Disease Exclusion No.2 – (Property Treaty Reinsurance)

LMA5427 Political Risk Cyber Endorsement (for use with Political Risk/Political Violence Package Business)

LMA5504 Occupational Disease and Cumulative Trauma Endorsement

LMA5505 Limited Communicable Disease Exclusion No. 3 (Property Treaty Reinsurance – Risk)

LMA5506 Communicable Disease Endorsement (For use on US Errors and Omissions policies)


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