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The insurable interest of only those lessors, financiers, trustees, mortgages, owners and all other parties specifically noted in the records of the Insured shall be automatically included without notification or specification; the nature and extent of such interest to be disclosed in event of damage.

Where the insurance covers the interest of more than one party, any act of neglect of an individual party will not prejudice the rights of the remaining party/parties; provided the remaining party/parties shall, immediately on becoming aware of any act of neglect whereby the risk of damage has increased, give notice in writing to the Insurer(s) and on demand pay such reasonable additional premium as the Insurer(s) may require.

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Notwithstanding the foregoing paragraph it is understood and agreed that in the event of any of the parties referred to herein being entitled to the benefits of any ‘Concessions Agreement’ which it may have entered into with the Insurer(s), the said ‘Concessions Agreement’ will take precedence over the foregoing paragraph.

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