Electronic Date Recognition Clause

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There is no insurance under this Policy in respect of any claim of whatsoever nature which arises directly or indirectly from or consists of the failure or inability of any: –

  • electronic circuit, microchip, integrated circuit, microprocessor, embedded system, hardware, software, firmware, program, computer, data processing equipment, telecommunication equipment or systems, or any similar device,
  • media or system used in connection with any of the foregoing,

whether the property of the insured or not, at any time to achieve any or all of the purposes and consequential effects intended by the use of any number, symbol or word to denote a date including without limitation, the failure or inability to recognize capture save retain or restore and/or correctly to manipulate, interpret, transmit, return, calculate or process any date, data, information, command, logic or instruction as a result of

  1. recognizing using or adopting any date, day of the week or period of time, otherwise than as, or other than, the true or correct date, day of the week or period of time,
  2. the operation of any command or logic which has been programmed or incorporated into anything referred to in (a) and (b) above.
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