Cost of Rewriting and Claim Preparation

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This policy extends to cover the cost and expenses necessarily and reasonably incurred by the Insured following loss or damage to the Property insured.

  1. To reconstruct and recompile recor0d (but not for the value to the Insured of the insured information contained therein)
  2. To extract and compile information required by the Insured(s) from the Insured’s own record for the purpose of preparing a claim under the Policy but excluding legal, investigation and research fees/expenses incurred for the purpose of contesting any issue over the Insurer’s Liability under the Policy.

Provided always that no amount shall be recoverable under this endorsement if subsequent to the incurrence of any expenses, the insurer(s) shall deny liability for any claim in respect of which the expenses have been incurred (with or without the consent of the Insurer(s)).

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