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It is hereby declared and agreed that the insurance hereunder is extended to cover:

  1. VEHICLE IMPACT, which for the purpose of this Endorsement shall mean:

Damage to the property insured directly resulting from actual physical contact of a vehicle with the property insured hereunder or with the building containing such property. Provided that Insurer shall not be liable for any damage caused:

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(i)          By any vehicle owned or operated by the Insured or by any tenant of the insured premises;

(ii)         To fences, driveways, walkways or lawns;

(iii)        To any other vehicle including its contents, other than stock of vehicles in process of manufacture or for sale

For the purpose of this Endorsement, “vehicle” shall mean any vehicle running on land or track but not aircraft.

  1. INDUSTRIAL SMOKE, Which for the purpose of this Endorsement shall mean:

Loss or damage to the property insured resulting from smoke due to a sudden, unusual and faulty operation of any heating or cooking units connected to a chimney by a smoke pipe or by a vent pipe, and which is in or on the insured premises, excluding, however, smoke from fireplaces or industrial apparatus.

All other terms and conditions of the Policy remain unchanged

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