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The words “Bodily Injury” wheresoever they are found in this they are found in this Policy are hereby replaced with the words “Personal Injury” and the following definition is agreed :

Definition :

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“Personal Injury” means

  • Bodily Injury, death, illness, disease disability, shock, fright, mental anguish or mental injury;
  • False arrest, wrongful or imprisonment, malicious prosecution or humiliation;
  • The publication or utterance of libel or slander, or of other defamatory or derogatory material, or publication or utterance in violation of any individual’s right or privacy;
  • Wrongful entry upon, wrongful eviction from or other invasion of right to private occupancy of property;

Assault and battery, not committed by or at the direction of the Insured unless committed for the purpose of preventing or eliminating danger to persons or property.

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