Intentional Acts Endorsement

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It is hereby understood and agreed that Automatic Extension 4.5 Intentional Acts is deleted in its entirety and replaced with the following:

Intentional ActsWe will cover You for Claims in relation to Your conduct or the conduct of Your Employees, contractors or consultants which would otherwise have been excluded by Exclusion 6.5 Intentional Acts (Fraudulent, Dishonest and Criminal Acts and Statutory Breaches) provided that:

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  • (i) You are not proven to have committed or condoned the intentional act;
  • (ii) this cover does not extend to the estates, heirs, legal representatives or assigns of any of You who is proven to have committed or condoned the intentional act.

The maximum amount provided by this endorsement for loss of money, including but not limited to cash, negotiable instruments, bearer bonds or coupons, stamps, bank or currency notes shall not exceed S$200,000 in the aggregate.

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