Extended Continuous Cover Endorsement

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It is hereby understood and agreed that Automatic Extension 4.2 Continuous Cover is deleted in its entirety and replaced with the following:

4.2.  We will accept Your late notification of Claims, facts or circumstances which should have been made under a previous professional indemnity policy for Your Business provided that:

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4.2.1.     no cover is available under any other previous professional indemnity policy; and

4.2.2.     You have continuously had professional indemnity cover since the earliest professional indemnity policy to which the Claim should have been notified to; and

4.2.3.     there was neither fraudulent non-compliance with Your duty of disclosure nor fraudulent misrepresentation by You in respect of such facts or circumstances; and

4.2.4.     the cover available under this extension shall be in accordance with this Policy, but the limit of indemnity available shall be no greater than that of the earliest professional indemnity policy to which the Claim, fact or circumstance, had it been notified, would have responded.

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